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Q: How do I register?

Registration is easy. All you need is to check you meet Warner Leisure Hotels’ and our affiliate network's requirements and click on the sign up button today. Subject to your sites approval you could be a Warner Leisure Hotels affiliate faster than you think.

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Q: How do I get paid?

The affiliate network will pay you commission earned depending on the number of bookings you have made within each month, according to our commission structure:

5% commission on all bookings plus a tiered bonus commission as outlined below:

5 to 24 sales = £25 cash bonus
5 to 49 sales = £100 cash bonus
50 to 99 sales = £200 cash bonus
100 to 299 sales = £350 cash bonus
300 to 499 sales = £500 cash bonus
500 sales = £1,000 cash bonus

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Q: What is your policy on Paid Search keywords?

Please note that the following PPC restrictions apply to the Warner Leisure Hotels affiliate program across all of our affiliate networks:

1. Bidding on the brand name and hotel/resort names (including variations or misspellings of it) is prohibited in all search engines. To ensure you do not appear on these terms, you are required to assign negative matches to brand terms in all search engines.

2. Use of the domain and variations is strictly forbidden in any ad copy including display URL.

3. Overbidding the official Warner advert is strictly forbidden (this can be identified by the URL on all search engines.

4. No direct linking is allowed under any circumstances, so landing pages must be used to direct traffic to the Warner Leisure Hotels website.

5. Use of the term official site in your ad copy is forbidden. If any affiliate is found to be breaking any of the terms above, they will be asked to either remove their ad, update the ad content, or lower their bids. Consistent failure to comply with these rules will result in the affiliate being removed from the program and commissions being set to zero.

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Q. Are there any other terms and conditions to adhere to?

Yes there are some conditions relating to voucher codes being promoted on our affiliate’s sites, as well as some general terms and conditions.

Voucher Code Terms and Conditions:

In light of the recent guidelines issued by the IAB Affiliate Marketing Council regarding the promotion of voucher codes on affiliate sites, we will be applying these guidelines to the affiliate programme as of January 1, 2009. Any affiliates who do not adhere to the following guidelines will be removed from the Warner Leisure Hotels Affiliate Programme and commissions will be zeroed:

1. Using Click to Reveal when there is no valid or current code present is not permitted for affiliate publishers using Click to Reveal to show any deals / offers / sales instead of vouchers

2. Voucher code affiliate publishers must clearly detail the voucher offer that will be revealed by the click

3. A valid code is defined as a code that has been legitimately issued by a merchant through the affiliate channel for your use online. This code will have an activation date and where necessary a deactivation date.

4. Voucher code directories must contain clear categorization and separation between deals / offers / sales and discount codes

General Terms and Conditions:

Do not lead users to believe that your landing page or website is the official merchant site to ensure that users don’t perceive it to be the official site we recommend that you add the copy ‘In association with Warner Leisure Hotels’ to your landing page to avoid confusion.

Affiliates are prohibited from taking copy directly from the Warner Leisure Hotels website or screen grabbing Warner Leisure Hotels pages.

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Q: Is the Warner Leisure Hotels logo available for use on my site?

Yes, you can pick this up in a variety of sizes from all of the Affiliate Networks once you have been accepted onto the program.

Please remember not to alter the logo or banners that you are given.

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Q: How does Warner Leisure Hotels track orders from my site?

An affiliate ID is set up when you sign on with one of our networks. Links from affiliates’ websites to the Warner Leisure Hotels website are formatted to include this ID allowing us to track when a customer has been referred to us from you.

We keep track of the Affiliates ID as the customer travels over our website and even if a customer leaves and then comes back within 30 days we still know they were referred by you due to the customer’s cookie.

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Q: Can I deeplink to the Warner Leisure Hotels site and if so, how?

Deep linking is permitted from your website to a page within the Warner Leisure Hotels website. Instructions of how to do this are available from the affiliate networks.

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Q: How can I check my statistics and sales?

You can check your account details by logging onto to your chosen affiliate network website. Everything from time of sale to your earned commission for the month is available. We also report on the hotels booked and stay date please see the affiliate network for more details on this.

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Q: What is the relationship between Warner Leisure Hotels, affiliate Networks and its affiliates?

Warner Leisure Hotels uses the networks to provide support to affiliates on URL tagging and promotional updates. Warner Leisure Hotels also uses BLM Quantum an affiliate agency to manage the programme on a day to day basis. Contact details for Warner Leisure Hotels and BLM Quantum are found within the Warner Leisure Hotels Marketing centre once you have joined. Contact details for your chosen affiliate network will be available on their website within your personal login area.

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Q: What are the definitions of the most common affiliate marketing terms?

Affiliate (also known as an Associate or Publisher)
A site owner that places links on their web site to promote merchant's products or services. For their efforts, the affiliate gets commission for all the valid transactions/sales referred to the merchant by using their affiliate link.

Affiliate Link
Is a special link containing code which tracks web visitors sent to a site by an affiliate. Each affiliate link contains a unique id specific to an individual affiliate and will record sales, visitors, and impressions generated and allow the merchant to attribute commissions.

Affiliate Network
A Site/Company where merchants can list their affiliate program/s. Affiliates can then join theses affiliate programs and promote the merchants' products and services by using text links, banners, etc. Affiliates can join and track a large number of affiliate programs from one site. All sales from each affiliate program are totalled together to give one sum. Affiliates will then receive commissions in one payment, often done monthly.

A cookie is a small file placed on a user's PC as they travel through the affiliate link (or any other link where the site wishes to track user activity). A cookie allows sales generated by affiliate traffic to be recorded out of session (i.e. if the web user subsequently returns to the site and does not use the affiliate link). Cookies are usually valid for a set period of time such as 30 days, during which time the affiliate will still earn commission on any purchases made by the customer they originally referred. Cookies can also be set by merchants to specify if commissions would be payable on a repeat basis within the cookie period (recurring commissions).

Data Feed
A data feed is a file (usually in CSV or XML format) containing product information for a merchant. This file will typically contain url's, names, images & descriptions of products offered by the merchant. These files are used by many affiliates to create relevant commercial content for their own sites.

A merchant is a company that sell products or services. As an affiliate, you'll have the option to partner with these merchants and help them sell their products online. These merchants normally pay affiliates/partners by pay per sale.

Pay Per Sale
An affiliate program that pays you a commission when you refer a visitor to a merchant's site and they then buy a product or service from the merchant. Affiliates usually get paid a percentage or a fixed rate of each product or service they sell.

Affiliates send visitors to a merchant's site and if the visitor signs up to the merchant's affiliate program, advertisers program, etc. then the affiliate will either be paid a one of commission or a percentage of the referrals commission, advertisers deposits for life, and so on ...

Unique Visitors
A Unique visitor is counted every time a site is viewed every 24 hrs. E.g. If a site receives a visitor at 2.30pm and receives the same visitor at 6.30pm on the same day then it will be counted as just one visitor. If he had visited the site 2.31pm on the next day then it would have counted as two visitors.

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Q: I'm a beginner affiliate where can I go for help?

Other than support from your network we suggest you sign up to Affiliate forums on the web. These offer a wealth of free advice, tips and support from other affiliates just like you.

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