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While the traditional means of walking may serve as your preferred mode of meandering, why not try something different – with the unique alternative known as ‘Nordic walking’? This particular form of fitness was originally used as a summer training activity for cross country skiers, but now it is enjoyed all over the world as a form of fun, but effective exercise.

Nordic walking involves the use of poles while walking, they look like ski sticks and instead of walking normally it involves a walk that’s similar to marching, with your elbows straight while swinging your arms. Nordic walking is an effective cardiovascular exercise and concentrates on strengthening your upper body without being too strenuous. It’s a full body work out that’s suitable for all ages, shapes and fitness levels and uses 90 per cent of the body’s muscles. The poles are used to help the walkers use their upper body muscles instead of focusing on their lower joints, but the support of the poles takes the weight off and it feels like you are light on your feet.

Nordic walking is suitable for anyone, but it’s essential that training is carried out first to ensure that you are getting the movements right. Without the right movements, the exercise will not have any benefits.