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Review your fitness

Firstly, you should assess your current state of health. Are you active? Would you say you have a good level of fitness? This may be the case walking on flat terrains, but walking on inclines may be slightly more demanding than horizontal surfaces. Also, how long will you be going away for? Will each day involve long walks? What time of year will you be going away?

Before taking a ramble across England’s picturesque pathways, ensure you’ve picked the right location. Is the destination you’ve chosen filled with hilly challenges? If you’re looking for a leisurely stroll but require frequent rest breaks and refreshments, then you should choose sites that offer easy access to cafes and restaurants.

Each holiday will comprise of varying factors, however, one factor that should remain constant is rest days. It’s also worth bearing in mind that if you plan to go for long rambles then you’ll likely be carrying equipment with you – so before going on holiday, practice walking with supplies so you can get a good idea of how strenuous it may be on the actual holiday. Thinking of these factors before you depart on your holiday will ensure that you get the best from it.