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While walking is a fun activity and a good form of exercise, it’s also important to ensure that your feet are protected. Different types of boots and shoes will benefit you more than others, so be sure to choose a style that’s right for the walk you’re completing. However, the most important thing is that your footwear fits properly.

  • For short easy walks on straight pathways, comfortable trainers should be fine but if your walk includes crossing a stream, small hills or if you're expecting rain then lightweight walking shoes could be more suitable.
  • If your walk is slightly more advanced and requires you to take a backpack or you’re walking a longer distance then you’ll need some mid-weight walking boots that support your legs and your weight.
  • A longer walk which includes hills, climbing and long distance walking on difficult terrains will need strong walking boots which support the ankle and the foot, are waterproof and include grips. The boots should also be made from strong and durable fabric.
Socks also play an important role in protecting your feet, they should fit well and if needed, be waterproof. Remember that everyone has different feet and that you should choose walking footwear that’s right for you.