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The Warner Wine Guide

Our Guide to Wine

Many of us enjoy a glass of wine with our evening meal or on a hot summer's afternoon - but how much do you really know about wine? All too often the guests who take part in our 'Getting to Grips with Grapes' sessions tell us they rely on the same selection of wine for all occasions. We've found though, that once armed with a little more knowledge about wine, you can develop a newfound appreciation of it. The world of wine is an intriguing and complex phenomenon - find that perfect bottle and you'll never look back. So if you're new to wine tasting and want to try something different, here's our comprehensive beginner’s guide to wine, complete with tips from the experts.

English Wines

The last couple of years have really been the making for English wine. Soaring in popularity, as well as production volume, it seems we’re starting to get patriotic when it comes to our wine.

There are 448 commercial vineyards in the UK, with 89 additional hobby vineyards. Take a look here at the notable vineyards in the UK.


You can also download our Warner Wine tasting score card to help you with your wine selection. 

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