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  • If you've got a bottle of sparkling wine, what type of food should I pair it with?
    Choose something salty such as sushi, fish and chips or popcorn.

  • Who was Dom Pierre Pérignon?
    Is a monk. We have Dom Pierre Pérignon to thank for the reason wine is such a popular drink - his experimentations helped to significantly improve the winemaking process, the practices of which are still used.

  • Which country produces the most wine each year?
    Italy with 44,900,000 hectolitres.

  • If I'm eating roasted vegetables, what type of wine should I serve?
    Tempranillo - a medium red complements roasted food.

  • Which country consumes the most bottles of red wine in the world?
  • Which aromas are most often associated with a Merlot?
    Cranberry, promegranate, red currant, strawberry, cherry, raspberry, red plum, dragon fruit and goji berry.
  • If I enjoy the taste of Lemon, what type of wine should I drink?
    Sémillon, Chardonnay, Riesling and Pinot Grigio.

  • Where is the majority of Brazil's wine produced? 
  • 85% is grown in Serra Gaúcha, in the south state of Rio Grande Do Sul.

  • What is the most well-known wine region in France?

  • How many grape varietals can be found in Italy?
    There are 350 of them.