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A VIP Concert with Elkie Brooks

 Elkie Brooks  

Quite simply one of the most successful and popular singers the UK has ever produced. Now in the 5th decade of her career, she is still proving to be one of the most powerful and versatile vocal talents of our generation. With numerous hit singles, million selling albums and awards, her annual tours are treat for fans old and new.

Performing some of her classic hits, blues, jazz and songs from her new album ‘Powerless’, an electric evening with Elkie is guaranteed to leave you begging for more.

Elkie is a stunning performer and whatever she does, she does it best live. Don't miss the chance to see a truly great artist in action.

"Still One Of The Great British Voices" - The Guardian

A little about Elkie Brooks..

To this day, Elkie constantly strives to improve her vocals, her song writing and her performances. Never one to reflect on past successes, Elkie is known to dismiss some of her achievements and recordings by saying ‘I could do it so much better now’

She started in the business fighting to be heard and fighting for recognition, she fought hard for her audience, fought to be heard over bad bands, bad songs and bad management but she never gave up, she always carried on her career not really knowing where it would lead. It is this steely determination and hardened work ethic that has brought her legions of followers and allowed her the rare luxury of a loyal fan base 50 years after she started out on what has been and continues to be an incredible journey.

The first step in her musical career started in 1960, when at the tender age of 15, the young Elaine Bookbinder entered a very early reality type show at Manchester's Palace Theatre that promised to put the winner on a national pop package tour. Elkie was that winner, and that was the start of her life on the road and year one of the 50 year trip.

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Elkie Brooks Albums
1975 Rich Man's Woman
1977 Two Days Away 
1978 Shooting Star
1979  Live and Learn
1981  Pearls
1982  Pearls II
1984  Minutes
1984  Screen Gems
1986  No More The Fool
1988  Bookbinder's Kid 
1989  Inspiration 
1991  Pearls III (Close To The Edge)
1993  Round Midnight
1994  Nothin' But The Blues
1995  Circles
1996  Amazing
2003  Shangri-La 
2003  Trouble In Mind (With Humprey Lyttelton)
2005  Electric Lady
2010  Powerless