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Hotel History

Bembridge Coast Hotel History

From Royal Family to Royal Navy and comfort fit for kings.

Bembridge Coast Hotel is a first-rate modern hotel which sits quietly on a secluded eastern shore of the Isle of Wight just metres from the lapping, glistening Solent. With its 23 acres of grounds, its famously landscaped Spanish Gardens and its marvellous sea views, Bembridge Coast is the ideal place from which to explore the Isle of Wight’s Royal history.

The island is simply peppered with evidence of the English monarchy with many great houses and castles which have played host to kings and queens over the centuries. For example, Charles I spent his final year awaiting execution at Carisbrooke Castle; today, this commanding medieval pile is one of the Isle of Wight’s finest tourist attractions and just a 30-minute drive from Bembridge Coast. Also a mere half-hour away is Osborne House; Victoria’s favourite summer palace and where, in 1901, the Queen passed away.

Other cherished members of the royal family were welcomed at Bembridge Coast itself; after the estate was purchased by George V’s Lord-in-Waiting, Queen Mary and Princess Beatrice would frequently descend to take afternoon tea; more recently, the late Queen Mother reportedly chose its seclusion to enjoy Cowes Week, the glorious annual yachting pageant for which the Isle of Wight is world-renowned.

Bembridge Coast’s south-east corner was rented during World War II by the Admiralty and named HMS Blazer a land-based ‘warship’ billeting 250 men. Post the Second World War the site returned to duty as a holiday destination and at the beginning of the 21st Century was further enhanced with the building of a magnificent 245 bedroom hotel. While there’s little evidence today of its wartime remit, what Bembridge Coast can promise you is a blissfully peaceful holiday break, with amenities and leisure opportunities that’ll linger in your memory.

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