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Swing Build Golf Tuition at Warner Leisure Hotels

Golf at Holme Lacy House Hotel

Swing Build Golf

We have just the thing for all you golf fans out there, the chance to give your game a fine tune thanks to the innovative David Blair Swing Build Golf Clinic.

Their unique, three-stage programme which has been featured on The Golf Channel, is ideal for anyone from seasoned Pros to golfers taking their first swings on the course.

And Warner Leisure Hotels is proud to offer guests at Holme Lacy House the chance to discover the difference the golf clinic can make to your game.

Swing Build Golf offers three stages

Stage 1 - £95pp supplement

Start down the road to a vastly improved swing without the faults and fixes approach used by most golf Pros, an approach that only yields short-term benefits. The Swing Build Golf Clinic instead helps you build a correct swing and teaches you to produce club head speed with minimum power.

By the end of stage 1 which includes over two hours of intensive swing build instruction you should have a half swing more powerful and accurate than your original full swing. The clinic covers the correct swing and static pre-swing fundamentals, using video footage and three exercises to enforce the message. This includes a personal manual and DVD of your swing before and after instruction.

Available on all breaks at Holme Lacy House

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Stage 2 - £95pp supplement

Build on the skills learnt in stage 1 to create a powerful swing your friends will envy! Stage 2 takes the half swing a step further, adding rhythm, tempo and timing and working it up into a full swing. The new exercises introduced in stage 2 will produce amazing results.

Includes over two hours of intensive Swing Build instruction aimed at developing your half swing, as well as a detailed debrief and review of your day’s video footage.

Again, you will receive a DVD of your swing before and after instruction.

Available on all breaks at Holme Lacy House, participation of Stage 2 is only possible after completion of Stage 1.

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Stage 3 - £95pp supplement

The final stage sees you develop effortless power and pure swing with subconscious competence and ease just like the Pros! Learn how to generate tremendous club speed and accuracy by good technique rather than trying to use muscle power. Stage 3 includes over two hours of further Swing Build instruction, during which you will be reminded of the lessons of stage 1 and will develop your swing from the conscious to the subconscious. You will be given a debrief of your training, as well as a personal manual and DVD footage of your swing before and after.

Available on all breaks at Holme Lacy House, participation of Stage 3 is only possible after completion of Stage 2.

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All Swing Build Golf Clinics are available on every weekend and midweek break. Weather dependant. Stages 1 and 2 can be put together on the same break but we ask that you allow time to practice these new movements before booking stage 3.

Swing Build Golf Stages 1, 2 & 3 are also available at Thoresby Hall Hotel

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