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Sinah Warren Hotel History

Delicately balanced on the tip of Hampshire’s Hayling Island, in Langstone Harbour, just a breath of fresh air from the sparkling Solent, Sinah Warren is an excellent, well-appointed and comfortable modern hotel, with as many amenities as you’d wish for. Given its lovely seaside location, it’s somehow appropriate that Sinah Warren was originally a 15th Century health farm, probably run by monks. This would appear to tally with one proposed origin of its unusual name; theory has it that ‘Sinah’ was a herb whose use could cure a wide range of ailments. (Since another suggests that Sinah was a breed of long-tailed rabbit hence Sinah Warren feel free to make of these stories what you will).

What cannot be doubted is that this superb hotel is the perfect location from which you can enjoy some of the English south coast’s finest attractions. Take for instance the handsome city of Chichester which continues to inspire artists from far and near. It’s just a few short miles away; as is Fishbourne, a military supply base during the Roman occupation of AD43, where you can see the remains of a once-palatial palace and its 20 mosaic floors.

How about a trip to a still more historic boatyard? Portsmouth Harbour is home to HMS Victory, HMS Warrier and Henry VIII’s Mary Rose, all permanently docked not a bosun’s whistle from where you can frequently see the more modern vessels of today’s Royal Navy. With such attractions as these so close, along with Beaulieu National Motor Museum, Arundel Castle and Goodwood, it’s easy to appreciate why Sinah Warren has become one of our most popular hotels.

Yet if all you seek are the old-fashioned pleasures of sun, sea and serenity, with wonderful views of the colourful yachts plying the Solent, your only exertion being the difficult choice of where best to lie and relax, you needn’t even leave the hotel – it’s all here for you.

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"I’d forgotten I could have such a laugh. I don’t think we’ve ever tried so many things in one afternoon"

Kevin & Lisa Sinah Warren