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Mamamoon breaks UK

So, there are honeymoons for newlyweds. How romantic. But what about a ‘moon’ for the mother of the bride? As a mum, it’s thrilling to prepare for and be part of such a landmark occasion, but often frazzling. 

That’s exactly why a Mamamoon getaway should be next on the calendar. A few days off-radar filled with lingering breakfasts, garden meanders, getting stuck into a good book, the pool and sauna, bike rides, cocktails at any-o’-clock – doesn’t it sound delicious?

Feeling over the moon!

 The winding down is available at all 15 Warner hotels and coastal villages across England and North Wales. Midweek and weekend packages include bountiful breakfasts and stress-busting activities such as yoga and Nordic walking.

Complimentary access to the pool, sauna and steam rooms

Complimentary access to the pool, sauna and steam rooms

All 15 hotels are just for adults and offer contemporary rooms, elegant lounges and beautiful grounds for unwinding and relaxing. Make it a date with a pal or partner – whoever enjoys making that ‘ahhhh’ noise.

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