Spa top tips

Not sure of spa etiquette? There isn’t one. From first-timers to seasoned enthusiasts, it’s about coming as you are, comfortable in your own skin. The only preparation is to feel excited about booking a day, even an hour, of pampering.

Enjoy a relaxing treatment with no phones in sight

1. Say no to phones and wifi

Silencing the chatter from the outside world is crucial for total peace. Phones interrupt not just you but the therapists and other spa-goers. Here, there’ll always be friendly faces to connect without the tech and newspapers to browse.

Treat yourself to a spa treatment at Cricket St. Thomas hotel.

2. Come as you are

There’s no dress code. For many body treatments there’ll be no clothes. The team are professional, courteous and here to make you feel comfortable. They’ll check if you’re fit and well on the consultation form and if you have any concerns. They’ll then leave the private room to wash their hands while you disrobe (down to pants) and get comfortable face down on the spa bed with a covering sheet.

Drink plenty of water particularly post treatments

3. Drink plenty of fluids

Water is best. What’s important is to keep topping up the liquids to counterbalance the fact that most treatments, particularly massages, will flush out any toxins. This feelgood can be thirsty work!

A spa treatment at Littlecote House Hotel spa

4. Don't be afraid to communicate how you feel

Is the room too warm or cold? Maybe the massage is too vigorous or light - everyone has different sensitivities. Talk to us. Our trained therapists are here to do what’s right for you. Explain what you like and how you’re feeling. They can tailor the experience so you get the very best out of it.

Spa and leisure at Cricket St. Thomas Hotel

5. Ask for advice

All therapies include a consultation and personal recommendation. All therapists have undergone at least two years’ training to National Vocational Qualification Level 3. They’re experts and always happy to answer any questions, even arranging a spa tour.