Restoring a sense of equilibrium

Warner’s wellness retreats are built on three pillars – Rest, Restore and Renew – and lay the foundations for a deeper understanding of how to integrate wellbeing into daily life. It’s never been so relevant.

What Carlie Barlow has to say:

These are specially designed weekends with the entire experience exclusive to Warner. I’ve almost 20 years’ experience in the business, creating health and wellbeing programmes and products. But the hardware has to be just right too for it to work.

When I first visited Studley Castle, it already felt like a retreat. So grand, with so much history, and only for adults. The setting is absolutely gorgeous. And then Thoresby Hall, right on the edge of Sherwood Forest, green and close to nature. They’re both idyllic, both perfect for balancing being on a retreat with being on holiday.

These weekends are not about six hours of yoga, limiting calories and extreme self-discipline. They’re about a little self-care and the enjoyment of the beautiful surroundings. Taking care of our mental wellbeing, looking after ourselves holistically, is so important, especially after the past year.

There’ll be a huge choice of classes, repeated over the course of the weekend so no one needs to miss out. We cover all disciplines, everything from yoga to a focus on fitness and meditation. Holistic workshops will also offer practical tips on how to reduce stress levels, improve mental health and sleep patterns by looking at why we are suffering, visiting the science, then recognising the signs and addressing the problem.

They’re all led by four experts and with music too – acoustic guitar, therapeutic percussion and sound healing instruments. We’ll be using outdoor spaces as much as possible and everyone can attend as many sessions as they like. Pre-booking is available.

The ambition is to rest your mind and body and to fill you up with so much goodness. And for it to be fun. You’re still on holiday. Ultimately, balance is key. It’s really important to lay a strong foundation to build upon, then to be able to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Here, you can do yoga at sunset, listening to live acoustic music, improve your fitness, watch the entertainment, order a couple of G&Ts. If you want coffee and cake, enjoy them, don’t limit yourself. It’s about showing you how to create balance in life. It’s for everyone to leave saying ‘oh my goodness, that was amazing!’