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Club Warner membership queries

I've lost my card; how do I order a replacement?

Simply fill in this replacement card form and we will send you a new card.

Please note: if you complete this form, we will send you a duplicate of your original membership card. If your name needs changing or your details have changed and you would like an updated membership card, please fill in the change my details form instead.

My details are incorrect, how do I change them?

Please fill in this change my details form and we will update your membership.

It can take up to 28 days for us to update your details. During this time, you can continue to use your existing Club Warner membership card.

We will only issue you with a new card if your name has changed.

How will my nights be added to my membership?

Your nights will automatically be calculated* within 7 days after check-out if you are a registered member. This applies if you were the guest who booked your stay, or have been named on a group booking of 19 guests or less.

Group holidays will need to be claimed using our form here.

*Excluding holidays taken with coach operators.

Where can I find my membership number?

Your membership number is the last 7 digits on your card.

Can I add someone to my membership?

We’ve listened to our guests who said they wanted individual membership cards, so Club Warner is now based on personal level membership. Therefore, as long as you both register you will be entitled to your own personalised Club Warner card. Your guest can now also register here

I have left my card at home; can I still claim a discount?

No, I am afraid the card needs to be swiped on the till in order for the discount to process on the payment. Therefore, we cannot offer hotel spends without your named membership card. Your membership card will need to be set up as a charge card at the hotel for you to use it.

Concierge Club

Can I transfer my Concierge Club Membership?

The Concierge Club has now ended. As a loyal guest to Warner Leisure Hotels, we have looked at your last 18 month booking history and would like to invite you to join Club Warner in the relevant tier based on the number of nights you have stayed in the last 18 months.

If you have been sent a letter with a personal invite code, please register here.

If you have not been sent a personal invite code, please register here.

When will the Concierge Club benefits end?

All Concierge Club booking discounts (£10 off per person, free Warner Holiday protection plan, free room allocation and reduced deposit) are finishing at midnight on Tuesday 25 September 2018. Concierge retail discount onsite is finishing 2 January 2019. Until then you can use either your Club Warner or Concierge retail discounts, however these discounts cannot be combined.

Will I still get a second card?

We’ve listened to your feedback so now every guests can have their own card. It’s simple to register so there is no need for additional cards when everyone can have their own membership card.

Will my previous stays count and how do I gain my qualifying nights?

If you are a Concierge Club member, and have stayed 2 or more nights in the last 18 months, then we will send you a personalised link. You must register using this personal code or link which has a personal ID number at the end, this will allow us to automatically calculate your eligible nights from your Concierge Club to the new Club Warner. If you don’t use this code or link we will be unable to recognise you and validate your past stays.

*Excluding holidays taken with Coach Operators

Club Warner benefits

What are the Club Warner benefits?

At Warner we like to reward loyalty, the more nights that you stay the greater the benefits. All our members can enjoy priority notifications to entertainment as well as exclusive news and offers. Silver members can enjoy a 5% hotel spend discount, Gold members 10%, and Platinum members 15%. Platinum members also qualify for our exclusive Entertainment Break Swap.

What is Club Warner?

It’s our way of saying thank you to our loyal guests by giving them holiday spends, priority entertainment notifications and other special news and offers.

When did Club Warner start?

Warner leisure Hotel’s new loyal scheme, Club Warner, launched on Monday 6th August 2018.

What is the Platinum Entertainment Break Swap?

As an additional benefit, Platinum members also qualify for the Entertainment Break Swap. This allows members to amend their break up to 10 weeks prior to the date of travel without incurring any administration fees. If the Entertainment Break Swap has increased the holiday cost the difference will be need to be paid by the guest. To qualify you must be a Platinum Club Warner member at the time of the change.

What are the tiers / How do I qualify for them?

Club Warner members are split into three tiers, Silver, Gold and Platinum, the letter you have received with this will indicate which tier you have qualified for:

  • You will qualify for Silver tier after you have completed a stay of 2 or more nights.
  • You will qualify for Gold tier after you have stayed for 8 or more nights.
  • You will qualify for Platinum tier after you have stayed for 14 nights or more nights.

How long do I keep my Club Warner tier?

Good news, once you qualify for a set tier you will then be eligible for those tier benefits for 18 months from the date of qualification.

How do I move up a Club Warner tier?

During the 18 months if you stay enough nights to qualify for a higher tier then you can move up. The new tier will start from the date of the completed qualifying stay and you will keep your new tier for 18 months. Once you have departed this qualifying break we will automatically send you your new card within 14 working days.

Can I move down a tier?

If during the 18-month period you don’t stay the qualifying nights for the same tier you will then move down to the tier that matches your nights stayed and if applicable a new card will automatically be issued within 14 working days from reaching the end of your qualifying 18-month period.

Do all stays at any Warner Leisure Hotel count towards membership?

Absolutely, any one of our hotels and coastal villages count towards your membership based on the number of nights stayed.

*Excluding holidays taken with Coach Operators*

What purchases can I use my discount on?

Hotel spend discount is available on all spa, beauty, coffee shop, bar and gift shop purchases but excludes purchases of tobacco, newspapers, stamps and external excursions or activities run and organised by external companies. The discount does not apply to the cost of a break, gift vouchers or on items already discounted (e.g. happy hour). For a full list of exclusions, please see our terms and conditions.

Registration queries

How do I register for Club Warner?

Registration is simple and only take a few minutes. If you are a current Concierge Club member, please refer to your letter and visit this page and enter your personal identification number. If you are a new Warner loyalty member, please register here.

How long will it take to receive my Club Warner card?

After you have registered online, you will then need to stay with us for two or more nights, we will automatically send you your membership card in the post, which can take up to 28 days (due to unprecedented levels of interest). We are aiming to get to you as fast as we can.

What is the return address for the paper registration form?

If you are an existing Concierge Club member and you have stayed 2 or more nights in the last 18 months you will have been sent a paper registration form in the post with your letter.
Please send this form back in the post using the FREEPOST envelope supplied with your letter. This will be sent to an approved external company who will process your data securely.

Please note, paper registration forms will take between 4-6 weeks for us to process and for you to receive your card. If you do choose to complete the form this must be legible otherwise this will delay the process further and if we cannot read the information this  may mean we cannot process your registration to Club Warner.

Eligibility queries

Do I qualify for Club Warner?

If you are a Concierge Club member and you have stayed with us for 2 or more nights in the last 18 months, we have sent you an invite with a personal invite code or link to register for your qualifying nights. You will qualify for Club Warner membership when you check-out from your first stay with us. You will then be eligible for the correct tier based on the number of nights you have stayed. You will become a Club Warner member after completing your stay and registering online here.

Stays are excluded for those who have booked a break through a coach operator.

I have booked a holiday in the future; will my stay count towards the new club?

As long as you have registered for Club Warner, and if you are in a group of 19 or less, your nights will be automatically calculated once you have completed your stay. Register today

*Excluding holidays taken with Coach Operators

I have booked a break as part of a group; am I eligible to sign up and claim my nights?

You can claim any completed stays from the 1 August 2018. If you were a Club Warner member on a group booking of 20 or more and your name was provided at the time of booking, once you have signed up, you can claim your nights by filling out this form and using your booking reference number. The nights must be claimed within 28 days from check out.

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