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Market Kitchen

New for 2021

Market Kitchen.

The pull of salt-of-the-earth flavours is unmistakeable. Breakfast, cooked and continental, is as large as it gets and designed for lingering. At dinner, the focus is on familiar pairings with appreciation for the perfect fish and chips, that next-level burger, those bottomless Yorkshire puds, plus specials from Italy to India. The roast of the day is highly recommended. From lamb shank to pork loin and striploin of beef, it comes with all the trimmings. Pile those plates high from the counter!

From handsome roasts to globetrotting flavours

Why has buffet style dining returned?

Since re-opening in May we have had all parts of our service to you under constant review, especially given the ongoing challenges faced by the hospitality sector as a whole. The assisted buffet for breakfast, along with trialling the Butchers Block in the evening within the Market Kitchen menu, gives guests the widest choice from either ordering from the kitchen or helping themselves.

Do I still need to book dining times in advance of our stay?

Pre-booking means we’re able to manage the flow of guests into the restaurants and help minimise the risk of infection. It has also improved service levels and the overall dining experience.

Is it the same buffet as pre-covid?

If anything, it’s better! The breakfast offering and the Butchers Block for the evening is as extensive as its ever been, and we are confident that guests will be impressed with the choice, flexibility and quality. Guests are telling us that they’re also enjoying table service too. It’s more relaxed and helps them feel safe so is something we’re keen to continue.

Will I have the same restaurant table for the duration of my stay?

Although pre-allocated seating was popular before the pandemic, a different table every night has proved to be equally attractive, so we still won’t be reserving specific tables. Plus, a change of seating means new dining neighbours, different team to engage with and the opportunity to enjoy another part of the restaurant.

What about Brasserie32 and the Pub & Kitchen?

The Brasserie32 restaurants at Nidd Hall, Thoresby Hall and Studley Castle and the Pub & Kitchen at Alvaston Hall continue to offer full à la carte breakfast and dinner as well as all-day menus with table service.

What about table service, can I go to the bar and be served now?

From late September we will be temporarily re-introducing your choice to either order at the bar or at your table, whilst enjoying the evening entertainment. We believe this will give the best level of service for all so you can just get back to enjoying your break. Please note, our coffee shops and bars will continue with table service only during the daytime.

What kind of choice of roast is on the Butchers Block?

You can enjoy all the trimmings of the classic roast, with daily changing options from beef striploin, lamb shanks, loin of pork, turkey breast. Along with all the trimmings.

Will the Butchers Block be on every night?

Yes, in conjunction with the full menu served to your table.

Will team be assisting the service of the Butchers Block?

The roast is carved for each guest and the vegetable and trimmings are self – serve.

Are there any hotels who will not be serving the Butchers Block?

All hotels will be trailing the new evening service, apart from Holme Lacy House and Littlecote House.

Why has the Pub & Kitchen not been open at Alvaston Hall?

Nationwide, the hospitality industry is facing a recruitment challenge. Sadly, we’ve been unable to open the Pub & Kitchen for every break because of team shortages. We’re working hard and quickly to resolve this.


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