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Market Kitchen menu

New for 2021

Market Kitchen.

A new dining journey sees all main restaurants offering a seasonal Market Kitchen menu. The pull of big British flavours is unmistakeable with chefs majoring on the nation’s favourite dishes. Breakfast is as large as it gets and designed for lingering. At dinner, the focus is on familiar pairings but always with the iconic roast of the day, plus desserts and cheese boards that look almost too good to eat.

From the handsomely garnished to the salt and vinegar’d

Bigger fish, new beer batter, pulled and pressed ‘posh’ steak, seasonal salads and plant-based dishes feature daily, all exquisitely presented to the table. As for the every-day-of-the-week roast. Baby gammon, pork loin, lamb shanks and topside of beef are served as individual joints with BOTTOMLESS roasties and Yorkshire puds. Everyone is encouraged to ask for more.

Non-gluten options available on every menu.


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