Sometimes it’s a tough old gig being British, all that bottled up stress that comes from upholding our very British traits – from hiding our emotions, to queuing for absolutely everything and anything – it can quite literally be a pain in the neck! Luckily Warner Leisure Hotels has the perfect remedy. 

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British-isms becoming a pain in the neck

Great British Massage

Introducing The Great British Massage

As a nation famed for our many idiosyncrasies, amongst other things Brits are known for being notoriously polite – manners are what this country was built on. Famous for maintaining a stiff upper lip and putting up with things that annoy us just to save face can lead to a lot of pent-up stress. 

Fortunately, the skilled masseurs at Warner Leisure Hotels have created the perfect relaxing remedy in the form of The Great British Massage. Specifically designed to target these politeness-induced pressure points and alleviate some of the nations’ frustrations, the 25 minute massage uses a bespoke technique, specifically formulated to bend out the kinks caused by our everyday annoyances. Targeting the areas stress is felt most, the neck, back and shoulders, the massage aims to release pressure with deep rhythmic movements delivered by forearms and elbows.

Jenny Eclair
Great British Massage

Jenny Eclair

Climbing aboard Warner’s quest for a stress-free Britannia, is Jenny Eclair, comedian, novelist and actress, who features centre-stage in Warner’s newest product offering. Jenny has used her decades of insight into the psyche of the British people, to work with Warner’s experienced masseurs on cultivating the perfect tonic for our pent-up population.

“We’re so uptight in comparison to our friends overseas; our European counterparts have held the perfect remedy for centuries in the form of Turkish baths and Swedish massages. So it’s high time we had something to soothe our frustrations, in the form of The Great British Massage – after all, we’re the ones who need it the most.”

The Spa at Thoresby Hall

Thoresby Hall

The Great British Massage will be available for a limited time at our flagship hotel and spa, Thoresby Hall, Nottinghamshire. Here, you can kick back and relax in a magnificent stately home on the edge of Sherwood Forest.

Visiting Thoresby Hall? Why not book yourself a Great British Massage, call the Thoresby Hall Spa Team on 01623 821 000.

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