How many signature experiences do you deliver at Sinah Warren each week?

We deliver 268 at Sinah Warren

What’s the most popular pillow off the pillow menu?

The Marino Duck Down pillow

Are guests surprised by everything that’s included in a Signature Experience?

Yes, they love it and often comment “Do I really get all this!”, they especially enjoy the fresh milk.

What’s more popular red or white wine?

White but it has surprised us how many guests do drink red.

In refurbished signature rooms what do guests think of the new beds?

They enjoy them. We’re often asked for contact details of our supplier as guests have had such good night’s sleep.

What’s your favourite room at Sinah Warren & why?

That is a very difficult question as I can list off at least ½ dozen all for different reasons! But it’s bedroom 478 (a Royale room with balcony) I love that it is at the end of the corridor, has no room over the top, the view is gorgeous, it’s very quiet and I think it’s a perfect chill out room.

Do guests ask where they can buy Temple Spa toiletries?

Yes they do, we always let them know they can get them at Harrods and Warner. We’re hoping to sell them in the gift shop soon.