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With Warner, you can let the world find its way to you. No need to travel too far or block out too much time from a busy calendar. Keep it right here in the UK and you’ll be enjoying world-class experiences and out-of-this-world landscapes on even the shortest of breaks. If you book before 5 February, you can enjoy a whole host of discounts, explore our 14 hotels and relax, booking just got easier with our new booking system.

Where short breaks feel like proper holidays

Top-class hospitality

A few days away in the UK is all it takes to relax into proper holiday mode. A dip in the pool, frothy coffees with friends, afternoon tea, a spa treatment or simply a great night’s sleep. All with a team anticipating your every need.

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All the world's a stage

Time’s your own to enjoy the things you love most. A garden tour, clinking glasses in the bar or mastering archery. Each night also features live music and shows, from amazing Star Breaks to tribute acts and festivals.

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Magnificent landscapes

All 14 hotels are just a hop and a skip from world-famous sights. Explore the Jurassic Coast, Stonehenge, Snowdonia …Not forgetting the Cotswolds, Wye Valley and the Suffolk Coast – all Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

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