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The correct Nordic walking technique is very important because it maximises the health benefits of the activity and helps prevent discomfort or injury.

We've sourced a helpful video and 7 top tips to help beginners learn the basics and experienced walkers perfect their technique.

1. Choose poles that are the correct height for your body – if you hold your pole vertically out in front of you with your arm close to your body, your elbow should be at a 90-degree angle. Using poles that are too short or too tall can lead to bad posture and technique. 
2. When you step, make first contact with your heel and then roll to the ball of the foot – this will reduce the amount of pressure on your joints 
3. Gently push off with your toes on each step 
4. Take natural and long strides 
5. Slightly lean forward from your ankles 
6. Drive your poles into the ground between your front and back foot when you stride 
7. Keep shoulders down and relaxed 
8. If you want to increase your speed you do not need to increase your pace. Increasing the strength of your push off from your toes and quickening the pace of your arm swing will be more effective