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Have you always wanted to try air rifle shooting but been unsure what to expect? Well now you can – and you can shoot like an expert with the help of our top tips. Find out how to choose the right rifle for you as well as how to hold, aim and shoot. And once you’ve mastered the basics, why not come along to one of Warner’s air rifle shooting taster sessions?

What is it and what to expect

It’ll be an informative but enjoyable session, starting with a health and safety talk, followed by practice rounds, competition rounds and some games. You’ll shoot as many rounds as possible within the hour-long session – and more importantly, you’ll have lots of fun. During the practice rounds, you’ll be able to get used to your rifle and determine whether or not you need to adjust your shot. The competition round is where things get interesting – with the winner crowned the champion of the day. You’ll be shooting outdoors but undercover so you’ll be well sheltered from any wind and rain. It’s a good idea to wrap up warm if it’s cold outside.

Top tips and basic techniques

Before you begin shooting, you’ll be taught how to load the rifle safely. 
  • Hold the rifle with the back of it against your right shoulder – shift it slightly until it feels comfortable. Left-handed shooters also use their right shoulder
  • Place your dominant hand on the grip to hold it steady
  • Face the target then turn 90 degrees so you’re side-facing it. The target will be placed around 10–12 yards away. Look down the rifle barrel
  • Aim at the target – you can line the rifle up using the notched bit of metal nearest to you, and the vertical stick on the barrel’s end. The target dot should be in the centre of the notch and the barrel should be brought up so that the top of the stick and the top of the notch are level
  • Take a deep breath, let half of it out and hold for a second. Then, pull the trigger steadily and slowly
  • You should be surprised by the firing but try to keep the rifle steady for a more accurate shot
  • Once everyone around you has fired, walk up to your target and take a mental note of where the shot landed. This will help you to gauge whether or not you need to adjust your position for the next shot

Safety tips

There is no special clothing required for air rifle shooting but as it is an outdoor experience, you may find it helpful to bring sturdy boots and wear comfortable clothing. If it’s cold outside, a jumper, hat and scarf will help to keep you warm. You’ll also be given a pair of safety glasses to wear while you shoot.
While there are no health requirements to participate in air rifle shooting, there are some safety points to consider. 
  • Treat the rifle as though it is always loaded, keeping the barrel pointing downwards
  • Never leave a loaded rifle unattended
  • Bear in mind that pellets can ricochet off the target so keep watching once you’ve fired
Still intrigued? Come along to one of our air rifle shooting sessions on your next Warner break.

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