The Late Lounge at Sinah Warren has splashed out on its most glamorous party shoes yet and is now ready to step into a brand-new era.

You’ll definitely be in the mood for dancing as the live music and shows at Sinah are ramping up to a whole other level thanks to the exciting refurbishment of the hotel’s Late Lounge and its bar. It’s taken 20 contractors, more than 3,800 man hours, and we’ve rolled out the equivalent of two bowling greens of new flooring, but we couldn’t have asked for a better result. Shiny as a new pin, the £880,000 refurbishment of Sinah’s Late Lounge has it sitting squarely in the 21st century.

Your nightly showtime experience will be brighter and more current, with richer sound and ambient lighting designed to play with your senses and bring the party right to your feet. Sinah is the first Warner hotel to heighten its showtime experience, with the installation of a giant LED back screen, which will provide a glorious technicolour backdrop of video and graphics to really complement the live stage performances. Added to this, we’ve also put in cutting-edge sound and lighting, and modernised the bar area. The inclusion of extra seating and flooring – all brand-new – will give the space a contemporary feel and make it a real hub for drinks and chat with friends.