New for you 2 | WarnerTimes INVESTING £10MILLION IN YOUR WARNER EXPERIENCE We caught up with Stuart Billington, our Capital Investment Project Manager, who’s busy out and about at our locations to find out what’s in the pipeline for you to enjoy this year. “Things are always changing at Warner based on the feedback we get from our guests” he told us, “and that’s why for 2018, alongside the £5m we’ll be using to refurbish even more of our bedrooms, there’s also a number of other exciting projects. Guests can enjoy fabulous nights in the new Late Lounge at Sinah Warren, plus brand new bedrooms and refurbishment of rooms in Ledge House at Bembridge Coast which includes a brand new suite.” Lakeside story The £600,000 transformation of the 16 Premier Lodges and their outside space into Woodland Lodges is the next big thing. They’re being painted in seasidey pastel colours and will be fitted with contemporary furniture and nice-to-haves like walk-in showers, WiFi and 43-inch televisions. Huge picture windows will also make it all the better to unwind with a view of the freshly landscaped gardens all around. They’re available to book now, with the doors opening in early May. This pretty coastal village on Hayling Island is a really social place and has always taken great pride in its friendliness. In the past year, alone, it’s introduced even more ways to encourage get-togethers. The new village green has picnic tables and an outside bar and stage, for example, and you can now add recreational fishing to the list of outdoorsy things to do. A swish carvery in the cabaret restaurant has become another talking point. Why not come and join in the chat while the talented chefs here demonstrate their live cooking skills? Russell Watson will be performing in the new lounge later in August 2018 and can’t wait to give it a whirl. ‘| love coming to Warner’, ‘it’s always great to have an audience so close when you’re on stage, it really adds to the atmosphere’ Late Lounge visual IN THE MOOD FOR DANCING You’ll definitely be in the mood for dancing as the live music and shows at Sinah are ramping up to a whole other level thanks to the exciting refurbishment of the hotel’s Late Lounge and its bar. It’s taken 20 contractors, more than 3,800 man hours, and we’ve rolled out the equivalent of two bowling greens of new flooring, but we couldn’t have asked for a better result. Shiny as a new pin, the £880,000 refurbishment of Sinah’s Late Lounge has it sitting squarely in the 21st century. Warner head of entertainment, Paul Wright, likens the revamp to the wow factor on live shows you see on primetime Saturday night TV . “It will make everything feel more alive and very different every night,” he says. “Visually dynamic, it’ll really enhance your evening experience.” Your nightly showtime experience will be brighter and more current, with richer sound and ambient lighting designed to play with your senses and bring the party right to your feet. OPEN NOW! The Late Lounge at Sinah Warren has splashed out on its most glamorous party shoes yet and is now ready to step into a brand-new era. Sinah is the first Warner hotel to heighten its showtime experience, with the installation of a giant LED back screen, which will provide a glorious technicolour backdrop of video and graphics to really complement the live stage performances. Added to this, we’ve also put in cutting-edge sound and lighting, and modernised the bar area. The inclusion of extra seating and flooring – all brand-new – will give the space a contemporary feel and make it a real hub for drinks and chat with friends. O N S A L E N O W - O P E N I N G M A Y “We’ve been lavishing a whole lot of love on Lakeside, so our guests can enjoy the rooms, dining and al fresco living with even more relish”. Find out more GO ONLINE FOR MORE 0333 202 0304 Calls (including calls from any type of line including mobile, BT, other fixed line or payphone) cost no more than calls to (01 or 02) geographic numbers. Russell Watson