Great tastes Introducing our fabulous mocktails. Even though summer is long gone (and was a fabulous one), it’s never too late to indulge in one of our yummy autumn-inspired mocktails. Really tasty, refreshing and totally alcohol-free, these beautifully presented drinks are the pride and joy of our talented mixologists. No visit would be complete without a Christmas Berry Booster – a blissful combination of acai berries, cranberries, raspberries and blueberries, or for a real taste of the festivities, the J20 Glitterberry – a juicy combination of red grape, cherry, a hint of spice and fabulously edible tasty gold sparkles. THEATRE DINING COMES TO LAKESIDE AND GUNTON HALL A whole new style of dining launched recently at our Gunton Hall and Lakeside coastal villages. Featuring up close and personal live cooking from our talented chefs. Marvel as they create the dishes you know and love, and some you’re about to love, before your very eyes. You’ll experience a whole new dining environment too, so easy to find your way round, and sample all the great choices featured on our menus. Next time you’re with us, ask chef to whisk you up a tasty omelette while you wait… and don’t forget to check out our new hearty range of breakfast classics, surely the finest way to kick- start any brisk wintery adventures. A fresh new look at your breakfast and dinner. Ingredients • Apple juice • Lemon •  Cinnamon stick (for that spicy seasonal serve) • Drambuie • Honey Method Put 1tsp of honey and a measure of Drambuie into a heatproof glass. Add half a cinnamon stick then top-up with just-boiled water. Stir in a slice of lemon and just enough lemon juice to balance the sweetness of the honey. Let it cool slightly then close your eyes and imagine being all snuggled up and toasty in front of a roaring fire. HOT RUSTY APPLE TODDY Feel instantly festive with a Hot Rusty Apple Toddy. Here’s the recipe to make this cheeky winter warmer for yourself. GLITTERING MOCKTAILS AND CLASSIC COCKTAILS 4 | WarnerTimes | 0333 202 0304 Calls (including calls from any type of line including mobile, BT, other fixed line or payphone) cost no more than calls to (01 or 02) geographic numbers.