Great tastes Gin, or ‘Mother’s Ruin’ (to those who know), has become increasingly popular over the last few years. The choice is often bewildering, at Warner – we’ve embraced this love of gin in every one of our well-stocked bars. We’ll introduce you to the classics like Beefeater 25 and Tanqueray, and then expand your appreciation by featuring some choices just off the beaten track. We simply love the multi award-winning Ableforth Bathtub Gin, named in homage to the days of prohibition, when illegal gin makers distilled in tin bathtubs. For the more adventurous, we’d suggest the Mediterranean-styled Gin Mare, or the intensely smooth Brockman’s – a gin so smooth it can be served neat over ice. However, drinking gin neat over ice would be such a shame as we have a great choice of tonics, bitter lemons and other mixers you might fancy to complement your new found love of gin. FOR THE LOVE OF GIN Taking the very best that Yorkshire can offer, we’ve created ‘GREAT & SMALL ’, a new concept restaurant for those who like to dine and socialise. Highlights on the menu include locally reared wagyu sirloin strips, Nidderdale lamb medallions, The Dales Scotch egg, Whitby potted shrimp and ginger beer-infused poached salmon. For those who simply love local tastes and colour, this intimate restaurant is an unmissable treat next time you’re at Nidd Hall. YORKSHIRE TAPAS COMES TO NIDD HALL t Warner, we know you have your favourite wines, that cheeky Sauvignon Blanc or robust Merlot, however we’d love to introduce you to some of the latest additions to our cellars. High up on our list of whites is the Eddystone Point Pinot Gris. This highly drinkable Tazmanian white is grown in the vicinity of the world-famous Eddystone Point lighthouse. When it comes to reds, a favourite of ours is Q Clay – an intensely ripe, fruity number from Chilian wine masters Bisquertt. Whatever your tastes, our hosts are always on hand to suggest a great wine to complement your chosen meal. Cheers, and your very good health! WARNER AND WINE – THE PERFECT PAIRING AFTERNOON TEA There can be no finer way to while away the hours than enjoying an elegant Afternoon Tea. At Warner we love a good bake, which is why we’ve recently improved our scone recipe. Combine this with our excellent selection of tea blends, add a good book and you’re well and truly set for the afternoon. Afternoon Tea can be ordered in the café from the Light Bites menu. For that extra indulgence, why not make it a Deluxe Afternoon Tea? Go on, bring on that fizz! It’s time for great tastes on small plates when you’re next at Nidd Hall The only time I ever enjoyed ironing was the day I accidentally got gin in the steam iron Phyllis Diller A WarnerTimes | 5 Fresh from Whitby Harbour – the region’s finest and freshest shrimp | 0333 202 0304 Calls (including calls from any type of line including mobile, BT, other fixed line or payphone) cost no more than calls to (01 or 02) geographic numbers.