Eat Out to Help Out at Warner

Warner is pleased to participate in the Government ‘Eat out to help out’ scheme, giving 50% discount (up to a maximum £10 per person) from Monday to Wednesday during August.

Eat Out to Help Out with Warner

What's included in the scheme

The 50% discount applies to all non-alcoholic drinks, teas and coffees, snacks, lunch and afternoon tea purchased in any Warner hotel bar, coffee shop or restaurant and consumed in the hotel or outdoor seating areas.

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What's excluded from the scheme

The Government scheme states the discount does not apply to alcoholic drinks, breakfast and dinner that are bought as part of the hotel package, takeaway items that are not consumed in the hotel or grounds, or any tips to the team.

Frequently asked questions

What dates does the scheme run?

It starts on Monday 3 August and ends on Monday 31 August, and is only available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays during full opening hours of our bars, coffee shops and restaurants.

What is the maximum discount?

The scheme offers 50% discount on eligible items, with a maximum saving of £10 per person. For example, if you spent £20 on non-alcoholic drinks, snacks or lunch, the scheme would give you a £10 discount per person. If you spent £25, you would still only get £10 discount per person.

How does it work with multiple people?

The discount is calculated per person, at a maximum saving of £10 per person. For example, if two guests had lunch together, as long as both guests were eating lunch, you would be eligible for a maximum saving of £20 per person. The team member will need to record how many people were dining in the till.

Can other discounts and rebooking vouchers be used alongside the scheme?

Yes. If you are a member of Club Warner or have a rebooking voucher, both of these can be used in addition to this Government scheme. The Government discount will be applied after any other discount. If you are a Gold Club Warner member, the 10% Club Warner discount would be applied first, and then the Government scheme discount on whatever is left.

As Warner is going cashless, how will this scheme work?

All purchases made during your stay will be charged to your room account. Any purchases made on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday for eligible items will have the discount applied by the team member when you place your order, and that will be reflected on your room account bill.

Do I need to register for the scheme or bring anything to get the discount?

No. Warner has registered with the Government to participate in the scheme, and we will automatically apply the discount on the till to all applicable purchases. Guests do not need to register or present any vouchers.

Will I get a discount on breakfast and dinner at the hotel?

No, the Government scheme states that meals that are purchased as part of a hotel accommodation package are not eligible for the discount. Given the vast majority of guests purchase a half-board package at Warner, these are not eligible for the discount.