BRAND NEW! The Great and Small Yorkshire Tapas Restaurant.

We have re-branded our Terrace restaurant to The Great and Small Yorkshire Tapas Restaurant, with a new menu and locally sourced food, this is the perfect place to enjoy some Yorkshire Tapas. Located in the oak room with beautiful oak-panelled Georgian and Victorian decor.

Take a look at our delicious menu (opens new window)

Warner Hotel Guests - 3 Tapas dishes per person are included, we recommend 4-6 dishes per guest and extra dishes are £5 each

Non-residents can choose any 4 dishes for £25 or any 6 dishes for £30 per person, any additional dishes are £5 per dish.

To add these packages to your booking simply select them in the dining tab of the booking process. 

Opening hours:

Thursday , Saturday & Sunday 6.00pm - 8.30pm