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The Beatles Unplugged

The Beatles Unplugged - take a trip back to the 60’s with an acoustic tribute to the Fab Four!

Stripping the songs back to the bare bones of acoustic guitar and percussion, performing the songs the way the Beatles may have played the songs to each other as they were writing them. Complete with two harmony vocals, the Beatles Unplugged take you on a musical journey through the Beatles’ career, and will have you singing along and revisiting the 1960’s like you haven’t before! Featuring a duo of brothers Richard and James Jordan. Just great songs, performed to the highest standard, by two guys who genuinely love the music and what they do. An evening with the Beatles Unplugged takes you on a musical journey, rekindling memories of the 1960’s, remember those great days and what the music of the Beatles means to you. An evening with the Beatles Unplugged is not to be missed!

The Beatles Unplugged

Alvaston Hall, Cheshire 27 July 2022 from £289.00 per person

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