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Join us this Summer for a thrilling show that’s a feast for the senses, featuring re-imagined classics in classic surroundings.

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Grab your friends and get this party started at Ibiza In Symphony! Dance the night away as a 16-piece orchestra brings all the greatest IBIZA hits to life! It’s a performance like no other, that you’ll be raving about for years, as classical musicians, singers and DJs meet to deliver a performance so absorbing you may even forget to dance! But with all your favourites from the masters of dance anthems like Fatboy Slim, Robert Miles, Darude, Faithless, Chicane, ATB and more, it’s sure to keep you on your toes.

After all that excitement, what’s better than knowing you’ll only have to stumble back to your room, where a luxuriously comfortable bed will be waiting for you, and realising that there’s an orchestra-sized breakfast lined-up in the morning for no extra cost?

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