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The Counterfeit Seventies Show

A unique Seventies show, from a decade of glam rock, through to new wave music, and everything in between! With over thirty bands & singers covered, it is undoubtedly the most comprehensive 70's show around today

The Counterfeit Seventies was formed by 4 experienced musicians with the purpose of performing some of the greatest songs from the most creative period in pop music. Featuring the music of Slade, The Bay City Rollers, Sweet, T.Rex and many, many more. They will take you through a rollercoaster ride of the biggest 70’s hits. With a stunning light show, costumes from the period, and video footage of the bands and events from the era. So whether you want to sit back and take a trip down memory lane, or get your glad rags on and boogie, this uplifting show will take you on a nostalgic trip back to the 70’s this is a show you don’t want to miss!

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