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First Night Fizz

There’s no time like the present, so making the most of it and starting your break with a fabulous first night is the mantra by which we live here at Warner.

Want more music? Want more dancing? You’ve got it, starting on the very first night of your stay. If you arrive on a Monday or Friday, from the get-go we’ll be dishing up more live bands, more singers and more can’t-keep-you-off-the-dance floor tunes than you could ever imagine. It’s what you love, we know that. As soon as you drop your bags, you can get straight into holiday mode. It all starts with dinner, and My Warner Table secures your seat in the Late Lounge, so take as long as you like! But think of that as the appetiser. Your main course is a cracking evening filled with more music than ever, just as you’ve asked us for – all live, all on your first night. Now that’s worth making a song and dance about, don’t you think?

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