Northern Soul Festival

Lively and late. Everybody coming together over the love of the same music - that's the beauty of Northern Soul.

Our breaks are hosted by Russ Winstanley a Wigan Casino legend and feature a host of live classic original artists and renowned Northern Soul DJs. Don't miss the soul dance workshops or the meet and greet sessions where you get to meet the artists. Plus add to your collections from the record and merchandise market. It doesn’t matter where in the UK you hail from. If you remember hand-clapping in unison, spins, splits and backdrops, dressing in brogues, baggy trousers, vests and Fred Perry’s, wide skirts and flat shoes? If you love the dance beats and soulful sounds of hits such as ""Where Did Our Love Go”,” There’s A Ghost In My House, or ""Landslide"" then come and join us ""Out On The Floor"" on one of these lively and late festival breaks.

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