Festival XL

With multiple stages, outdoor venues and even more acts and DJs, brand-new FESTIVAL XL supersizes all that’s unique about a Warner festival.

On selected dates, Warner festivals go extra-large to offer the ultimate celebration of the icons, genres and decades that have left their imprint on the music world. They play out in our private grounds with indoor and outdoor stages and at least six live acts and two DJs, still though with a boutique feel and always impeccably styled.

Festival XL Soul at Thoresby Hall Hotel

30 July - 2 August, 3-night break

A weekend uniquely dedicated to soul music with afternoon, evening and acoustic sets, DJs and at least three stages, including outdoors. Five acts include The Real Thing, The FlyRights, Kenny Thomas and live band, The Lorraine Crosby Motown Soul Show and The Edwin Starr Band - The Team with Angelo Starr.

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