Things to do in Herefordshire

Get out and explore the best things to do in Herefordshire from Holme Lacy House.

Symonds Yet in Herefordshire.

Symonds Yat

33-min drive from Holme Lacy House, HR9 6JL
A village split in two by the River Wye, the only way to cross the banks is via two ancient pull ferries where the ferryman pulls visitors across the river using an overhead rope. There’s nowhere better to enjoy unspoilt views of the Forest of Dean.

Haugh Wood Butterfly Trail in Herefordshire.

Haugh Wood Butterfly Trail

10-min drive from Holme Lacy House, HR1 4LW
Twice the size of Monaco, Haugh Wood has been voted one of the top ten woods in the country, largely thanks to the 600 species of butterfly and moth that inhabit it. The trail is dotted with information boards to help let visitors recognise what they’ve seen.

Forest of Dean in Herefordshire.

Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail

42-min drive from Holme Lacy House, GL16 7EL
4.5 miles long, the Sculpture Trail features a series of works by artists interpreting the forest environment and the history of the landscape. The sculptures are installed as part of the woodland so it’s up to visitors to seek them out (although maps are available too).

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