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Your Evening at Corton Coastal Village

Here at Corton Coastal Village we offer an exciting variety of live performances with music, dancing and comedy, plus live shows, some of which are provided by the UK’s top artists. So why not book your break at Corton Coastal Village today!

Big Tributes on Stage at Corton Coastal Village

Corton Coastal Village has its very own distinct style and offers great Tributes to all the top celebrity performances including live music and stand up comedy.

The beautiful sounds or the positively hilarious comedy is set to enhance an already fantastic experience and make your Warner Leisure Hotels break at Corton Coastal Village even more special. We guarantee a Big Tribute performance at Corton will surely be the highlight of your stay.

We've put together some of our recomendations throughout 2011. Have a look at the breaks below or check availability for any other date or location.

Big Stars
07 October 3 A Tribute to The Everlys
14 October 3 A Tribute to Take That
28 October 3 A Tribute to The Bee Gees
11 November 3 The Beatles Experience
18 November 3 A Tribute to The Bay City Rollers from Shang-a-Lang
02 December 3 A Tribute to Shomaddymaddy from Showaddywaddy
23 December 4 Full Board Christmas Break with a Tribute to Abba
29 December 3 Full Board New Year Break with Still Drifting feat. Ray Lewis

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"I like the fact that I can just go for a wander and think, ‘Oh, I fancy trying that. Like the guitar playing this morning, or archery, or rifle shooting. Things that you wouldn’t go and do if you were at home."

Mick Osborne Corton