Macmillan Cancer Support

We Are Macmillan Cancer Support

When you have cancer, you don’t just worry about what will happen to your body, you worry about what will happen to your life. Whether its concerns about who to talk to, planning for the extra costs or what to do about work, Macmillan understands how a cancer diagnosis can take over everything and are here to help.

Macmillan provides support that helps people take back control of their lives. But right now, Macmillan can’t reach everyone who needs them and that’s why they need our help. Throughout our partnership we hope to raise £500,000 for Macmillan. This total would fund 25,000 hours of Macmillan Professionals support enabling Macmillan to directly help over 1,500 people affected by cancer.

When staying at our beautiful country hotels or coastal hotels and villages, you may notice some fundraising fun - feel free to join in! And don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for details of our fundraising activities.

 Together we can help make a real difference to people affected by cancer.

For more information about the support Macmillan provides and how you, your friends and family can get involved call 0808 808 00 00 (Monday to Friday, 9am–8pm) or visit