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Star Breaks

Exclusive shows from world-famous performers

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Nothing really compares to hearing the signature tunes of celebrated musicians, seeing top-flight dancers, and laughing to comedians in an intimate setting. It’s why our Star Breaks are so popular. On selected dates, huge names of the stage and screen make private appearances on our stages. This is an opportunity to join a small audience and get up close to a big star, even meet a few of the performers in person.

Strictly Weekend Experience

Strictly weekend experience

at four locations

12 April 2024, 3-night break, Sinah Warren
4 June 2024, 3-night break, Cricket St Thomas
21 June 2024, 3-night break, Thoresby Hall
5 July 2024, 3-night break, Studley Castle

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Russell Watson

11 October 2024, 3-night break, Nidd Hall

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