Warner Holiday Protection

We know that life sometimes doesn’t go smoothly and when you’re looking forward to your holiday, you want the confidence that you’ve got everything covered. Warner Holiday Protection enables you to book your holiday with total peace of mind, leaving you free to relax and look forward to your holiday. The plan covers a cancellation in the event that any members of your party are unable to travel due to:

• Sickness
• Redundancy
• Jury service
• Adverse weather conditions

£10 per person for breaks of 6 nights or less
£13 per person for breaks of 7 nights or more

Adverse weather cover
We know the weather in the UK is getting more and more unpredictable, so we’ve added to our Warner Holiday Protection cover for snow and flood weather conditions, which may prevent you from reaching your holiday destination.

The details
In respect of sickness, redundancy and jury service, the relevant Doctor’s Certificate / Letter, Employer’s or Court Notification will be required in writing by recorded delivery prior to your confirmed holiday start date. In respect of snow and flood conditions, please refer to the Terms and Conditions. With Warner Holiday Protection and falling within the categories listed above, you will be entitled to transfer to an alternative date, subject to a cancellation fee.

If you have Warner Holiday Protection but the reason for cancellation is different to any of the categories above, you will receive a refund in line with the sliding scale of cancellation charge shown. Warner Holiday Protection cannot be added after your holiday booking has been made.

Once added, a 48-hour cooling-off period is permitted if guests discover they have alternative cover. However, without the plan no refunds are due.