Murder Mystery Weekend Breaks

Welcome to the most thrilling and mysterious weekend of your life!

Murder Mystery Weekend
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Join us for an unforgettable murder mystery event, "Silver Screen Secrets!” hosted by the charismatic Sam Archer, a famous actor, and the victim of an intriguing murder. The stage is set, and the suspects are ready to play their roles. Can you, our esteemed detectives, unveil the truth behind this chilling crime?

Sam Archer has gathered his wife, friends and co-workers to join him in celebrating the wrap of his new film “Mystic Shadows” directed by none-other than the world-renowned Jesse Sterling and co-starring, playing his love interest, is Sidney Winters who shot to fame from her last movie. His wife of 20 years will also be in attendance Cameron Archer, along with his friend turned Manager, Blair Hart, long-time family friend and psychic, Skylar and waiting in the wings, his PA River Adams.

Your role as detective

You'll have the entire weekend to gather clues, interrogate suspects, and solve this heinous crime. Pay attention to the smallest details, as they could be the key to unravelling this Murder Mystery.


Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery of "Silver Screen Secrets!” and unveil the murderer's identity? The truth awaits you and the suspense is palpable. Good luck, detectives, and may the spotlight be on you as you unravel the secrets of Archer Mansion!

All breaks include:

✔ Bed, Breakfast and Dinner   All evening entertainment   Activities   Leisure facilities  Room treats   Sensational service     Read more


Included in the price of every break

  • Close up of the deli bar with colourful salads

    Breakfast and dinner

    Delicious breakfasts and three-course dinners featuring tempting classics with either help yourself buffet or waiter service.

  • Archery


    Choose from dance and fitness classes, spa and wellness, bike rides, archery, quizzes, walking tours and more.

  • Two guests relaxing in the pool

    Leisure facilities

    Heated pools and a steamy sauna, plus a cinema, games room and other sports facilities at selected locations.

  • Lady dancing in a sequin dress


    Nightly spellbinding performances from vocalists, bands and comics to choreographed and costumed shows.

  • Room treats

    All rooms come with a generously stocked tea tray, plus a selection of toiletries in the bathroom.

  • A team member smiling as she collects glasses

    Friendly service

    Our team are happy to help with anything you need and there's no charge for parking and high-speed Wi-Fi.

  • Free, high-speed wifi

  • Free Parking

  • Adults only

  • Tea and coffee in room

  • Wheelchair accessible