Your safety is at the heart of everything we do

We’ve never compromised on hygiene and cleanliness but we’ve been taking extra-special measures to help keep our hotels not just spotless but as safe as they possibly can be.

What are we doing to reaffirm our commitment to the health and wellbeing of every guest and team member?

Public areas

  • Enhanced and more frequent cleaning from 7am to 11pm using Oxivir* anti-viral spray on all high touchpoints, including handrails and doors
  • All cleaning equipment sanitised on a daily basis
  • Switching any point of sale unable to be cleaned between breaks to a disposable alternative
  • Additional hand sanitisers and posters to reinforce the hygiene message in guest and team venues
* Oxivir kills bacteria and highly contagious viruses such as Norovirus and has concentrated cleaning power. It’s non-irritating and sustainable.

Guest rooms

  • Extra time for housekeeping teams to dedicate to servicing, cleaning and sanitising rooms with Oxivir
  • Every room deep cleaned between breaks using Oxivir
  • Complete replacement of all disposable items (tea/coffee sachets etc) between every break
  • Removal of all non-essential items such as bed runners and throw pillows
  • Replacement of paper hotel and entertainment guides with disposable alternatives 
  • Guests have the freedom to opt out of daily room service if they prefer
  • Strict handling processes to prevent cross-contamination of linen within the rooms and stores


  • All Warner team will now be required to wear face masks in all public areas of the hotels
  • Government-recommended PPE for housekeepers (all with their own equipment to prevent cross-contamination)
  • Additional posters in all team areas to reinforce the hygiene message
  • Social distancing measures in team areas, including staggered shifts
  • All team COSHH trained in the correct use of chemicals
  • All team trained on good hygiene, including handwashing and the use of sanitiser