Master George's Sitting Room

We've re-imagined an historic space, formerly Oliver's Bistro, within Littlecote's Tudor Old House, transforming it into an elegant bar and sitting room perfect for relaxing, drinks and delicious bites to eat during the day and on into the early evening. Above all else though, it's an alternative space to give you more choice in where and how you relax. Here is your invitation to sink into plush sofas and take your time over lunch and a latte, then cheers and a chat early evening.

Table service means you won't have to lift a finger either.

The story goes...

Littlecote House began life as an Elizabethan manor built by Judge Popham in 1592 and stands as one of the most historic houses in Britain. Through the centuries it has opened it doors to William of Orange through to Henry VIII and Jane Seymour, during their clandestine courtship, and later, Easy Company in World War II.