Maxine Mazumder as Dusty Springfield

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Maxine was a live grand finalist on ITV's, Stars In Their Eyes as Lulu and also  appeared on New Faces as the lead vocalist in a band known as Strange Rooms. Taking on the role of Dusty in Bill Kenwright's West End production, The Roy Orbison Story, Maxine has taken her tribute to one of the greatest ever soul divas all over the world. Recreating the performances of Dusty Springfield with precision and performs each of Dusty's hits with power and emotion.  Maxine has travelled worldwide performing on Ocean Village, Azura and Ventura cruise ships and for Corporate Events and Holiday Centres everywhere. The look and mannerisms are eerily accurate and Maxine delivers power and emotion to every classic hit including I Only Want To Be With You, You Don't Have to Say You Love Me, and many others.