The Country Rocks Band

The Country Rocks Band
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The Country Rocks Band are a fun-loving four-piece band who will entice you to the dance floor with their irresistible, foot-stomping covers of the best Americana, country, pop, and folk songs of all time.

Featuring female and male vocals as well as four-piece harmonies, supported by acoustic and electric guitar, bass and drums, The Country Rocks Band are a prime example of stellar musicianship reminiscent of the legendary stars of the Grand Ole Opry.

As well as championing music from artists you’d expect like Johnny Cash and Shania Twain, the band also perform classic party hits in their signature country style. So, whether you love a bit of Avicii, or want to rock out to Fleetwood Mac, Country Rocks Band can do it all!

Collectively the band hold over 25 years of experience filling dance floors up and down the UK at countless weddings, parties, and corporate functions. Their enviable talents and unique sound have seen them gain television exposure on Channel 4, and they have also been booked to wow the crowds at Country2Country Festival in London.

There’s a new sheriff in town –The Country Rocks Band!