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Coronavirus Book With Confidence Guarantee

We’re living in uncertain times right now and doing all we can to welcome you back with confidence. Our Coronavirus Guarantee recognises the importance of flexibility when it comes to travel plans and provides the reassurance that you’ll always get your money back or be able to make changes at no extra cost if your holiday can’t happen. It’s free of charge and applies to all existing and new bookings for 2021.

Book now and cancel or change for free later

You are covered in the event of:
  1. The hotel you have booked is closed due to the coronavirus outbreak
  2. UK Government restrictions on travel due to the coronavirus outbreak
  3. You are unable to travel due to sickness and/or isolation due to the coronavirus outbreak
  4. You consider it unsafe to come on your break due to the continuing threat of coronavirus

We guarantee at any point within the ‘Guarantee Change Window’ (between 28 days and 3 days prior to arrival), you can: 
  1. Cancel your booking and receive a full refund
  2. Transfer your break to a new date in 2021 or 2022, free of charge
  3. If you don’t know your new dates, we will apply your original booking payment against a future break, again free of charge

Terms and conditions

  1. The ‘Guarantee Change Window’ allows any transfer or cancellation with the period of 28 days and 3 days prior to arrival
  2. Should UK Government advice significantly change in the 3 days prior to arrival, we will reactivate the Guarantee for you
  3. All other booking terms and conditions remain unchanged
  4. If you choose to amend your break to different dates, should your new break be cheaper than your existing booking, we will use the difference as part payment for a future break, should your new break be more expensive you will need to pay the difference at time of booking
  5. If you choose to cancel your break, you can only do this by calling us
  6. The Coronavirus Guarantee is available until further notice
  7. Warner Holiday Protection is a separate offer and remains available at the same time as this Guarantee
  8. The Coronavirus Guarantee is not applicable to any bookings made via a 3rd party including coach operators and online booking agency. Please contact them directly to discuss your booking
  9. The Coronavirus Guarantee is applicable for bookings of up to 19 people. If you have a booking of 20 people or more and would like to discuss your options, please click here.

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For the latest information about Coronavirus and how this may affect your booking, see our latest news page.

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It’s time now to get the Twenties in full roaring voice. We’re talking party bands and full bellies, filling those glasses to the top and bands and shows where they belong on stage. It’s a pleasure to welcome you back with a team that’s COVID-safe but as genuine and friendly as ever. 

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Search for your break with total peace of mind with our free Coronavirus Guarantee. You can have the freedom to change or cancel any stay at no extra cost if you can’t make it to us because of illness, isolation, travel restrictions, hotel closure, or simply if you’re feeling unsure about travelling.
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